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On Site Loading
Most of our loading takes place at our Charleston facility.
However, we do have crews available to travel to your
location to disassemble and load items that are too large
or too difficult to transport.

Crating Services
MMS offers full service crating of sensitive items both
large and small.  Whether you are shipping across the
country or across the world, we can crate anything from
small personal items to large industrial machines.

We can consolidate freight and machinery at our facility,
holding it until you have enough to ship a full container.
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We are strictly an equipment service company and are not
involved in equipment sales.  Our only association with
equipment sales companies is as a service provider.  MMS
guarantees the strictest confidentiality of any client
.  Client information is never shared with any
other company.

Language Not a Barrier
MMS has access to translators in a variety of different
languages for both verbal communication and translation
of documents.  We also have access to technical
publications (operator's manuals, parts books, etc.) in
many different languages.

Know What You are Getting Before it Arrives
MMS offers equipment inspection services for agricultural
and constructions equipment. We can inspect the item you
are going to purchase and give you a full report on its
condition. This report will include a full list of suggested
s or replacement parts. Inspection prior to shipping
allows t
he inclusion of needed parts inside the container
with the machine rather than having to ship them
separately later. This will save you from unnecessary
expenses, as well as the costs associated with delaying
reassembly while you wait for replacement parts to arrive.
Our crews are trained to keep the end user in mind.
We have developed disassembly and loading
procedures that make reassembly very easy. We are
always available for technical assistance and can help
you acquire technical manuals for the machinery you
are shipping.
 In some countries we have crews
to help with reassembly. We also have
technicians available to travel for reassembly
assistance and training.

Logistics & Paperwork
We can help with transportation of any shipment
either to our facility for loading or to the port.  Our
office staff is very familiar with all the necessary forms
and permits needed to move shipments in the USA
and other countries.  Our staff can work with you to
make sure all paperwork is in place before the
shipment leaves to help eliminate costly delays.
Bio Security
Bio security and cargo cleanliness are critical
concerns when shipping goods to other countries.
Some count
ries have zero tolerance policies for dirt
and foreign material and will reject any containers or
equipment that a
re deemed not properly cleaned or
packed.  This can lead to a costly quarantine and
re-cleaning at the port or, in some cases, even
costlier shipment back to the port of origin.

At MMS, we are continually studying and
implementing bio security regulations and
procedures. MMS keeps in contact with agencies
around the world to ensure that each of the
containers we load meet the bio security standards
and ISPM 15 requirements of the destination country.

We have very strict procedures for cleaning and
inspecting each item during disassembly
, and again
prior to loading
, to ensure that your shipment is as
clean as possible.

To date MMS has not had any containers
rejected or quarantined due to improper
cleaning or packaging.